Tirlta Dartbrook - Yanga

Ch & O Ch Tirlta Dartbrook UDX

Not having trained a dog before, Sue was surprised at the difference in temperament between Maddie and Mungo, and Yanga.  Like Maddie and Mungo, Yanga has a natural aptitude for Obedience but is casual and more affectionate. At first, he was slow to grasp what was expected of him.  That passed. His CCD title was awarded after only one first and two second placings and his CD title after three first placings with creditable scores.

Sue withdrew Yanga from trailing during 2012 after an incident involving stay-out-of-sight exercises but he returned to form in 2013 with placings in twenty-three Open trials including a Highest Scoring Dog and Winner of Winners.  He finished his Australian Champion title in 2013 and was declared 2014 NSW Open Obedience Dog of the Year.

Yanga was on fire! His UD training was well under way and his first trial planned but disaster struck. He broke his right foreleg, both radius and ulna. He was not the best patient to be confined to a crate. Sue feared for his future but she had underestimated her brave little man. In 2016 he gained his UD and Obedience Champion titles, and his UDX title in 2019. He fretted after Mungo died but went on to become the first and only male ACD to date (2022) with both Breed and Obedience Champion titles.


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